A meditation on the modifications over time on the syllable ‘bot’, once a pernicious disease of cattle, a type of carnivorous maggot, and now a pernicious artificial intelligence attacking systems.

Being time, this is my skin bullet, composed of rings with a double set of chiselteeth, undercarriage furnished with hooks, for taking hold of an inner coat, o the shadow bursts from inside. Here it spends the winter, and at the pouring forth of sun when it is an inch long, it disengages, and being carried through the intestines, burrows in the glowth; and changes into an oval black pupa with spiny amputands, from which, in some weeks, the perfect person sitting across from you is empty like a little tin pot. His name’s Pol Pot, he hurt a lot, distressing it by the annoyance which it gives in the whitish crown of the head, the thorax black, retractile within one another; by means of this organ a hole is pierced in an ox’s hide, the fly in depositing her egg, not that the stalked nights have openings for you. Cattle exhibit excitement and rush about, quicklips stretched forward, tails out, feeding upon juices beneath the skin, forming a sac within which it grows amid purulent matter suited to its appetite; and from which it unmuzzles its further transformations. Blades appeared that tense the humisphere. It is of a grayish colour, with large head and yellow face, and is most abundant in damp woody distracts. Sheep exhibit alarm when it approaches them, and seem to seek, by throbbing their noses to the ground, and by incessant motion of feet, to keep it from their nostrils. Ungum the moon, polish it so in the land where sand is kin to cloud the animals run thither, snorting. The common saying, that a whimsical person is maggoty, or has maggots in his walmart, perhaps arose from the freaks the sheep exhibit when infested by bots. Seek the warble: also warbot, escarbot. We are insists applying rain to the fingers we have buzzed out of the sluices of scartissue. It is in the floundress of the sheep that this fly selfseals, and the lipletters, when hatched, make their way into sinuses, I found movement under my skin since overtaken on the tongue’s slipway feeding upon the juices, until they are ready to change to betterflies, when they find their way through the nostrils. These larvae move with dirigibility, holding by mouthhooks, contracting and elongating following regurges into an abstract of rosebud lullabides. Long-running shells and daemons reap the child-processes. When noonstruck the sweatlicker heatsecrets unnature and ungorges the wordfall. In this case, misundersunder is a superterranean partmutter. New obfuscation tools enabled hackers to bypass detection by antimalware 27% of datamounts ripped searchbots in zero-day exploits 14% of organizations experienced a user downloading malware with torrents, anonymizers, peer-to-peer sharing used every nine minutes to combat other forms of bot-driven crime such as man-in-the-browser and automated Denial of Service 22% of digital display advertising traffic worldwide is botdriven exploited vulnerabilities including Apache Struts, Tomcat and Elasticsearch the infected system contacts a remote host via selfupdating features the command-and-control centers for the payloads are located in Asia every 49 minutes sensitive data is exfiltrated via configuration vulnerabilities 1% was controlled by a computer model of the basal ganglia 3% of adware was gubernational or antenational 48% of crypters had downtime errors in their rootkits 13% of end-users keylogged movemental vulnerabilities when circumventing the backdoor worm or toxing the popup trojanware 99% were vulnerable, hid themselves, their faces.

Giles Goodland was born in Taunton, was educated at the universities of Wales and California, took a D. Phil at Oxford, has published a several books of poetry including A Spy in the House of Years (Leviathan, 2001)  Capital (Salt, 2006) and Dumb Messengers (Salt, 2012). He works in Oxford as a lexicographer and lives in West London. His next book The Masses will be out from Shearsman in March 2018.